mozi stop ignoring me I’m telling my followers

GD had a personal Instagram and this fans found it and supposedly he was dating yoona because he referred to her as "dearest" so now all these rumors are flying left and right

hmmm, ok… I’ve read some things that said Yoona was backstabbing GD. Was she the one who exposed his instagram? Also, that makes the seungri stuff (something like GD was double-dating seungri and yoona at the same time, which I think is kinda unlikely and possibly taken out of a fanfiction) nothing but rumors, right?


guys please I know at least some of you are into kpop/like BIGBANG

what in the world is going on with GD? and Seungri and Yoon??? I’ve read some things but it’s still pretty inconclusive to me… like someone dropped a private video or something? some stuff about double dating? please I would really love answers because I just can’t find it………. I would really appreciate it


Hey mono! I hope you are doing well! I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice. Have you ever been through a breakup?

Hi sweetie! I’m doing well, thanks! I would love to give you some advice but I’m terrible when it comes to break ups, for many reasons, so I don’t think I’m the best person to advice you on that matter, sorry…

where's that picture of your eye with haru's pupil? i need it for reasons

I have no clue where that post may be so here’s the picture


I know you're not romantically/sexually interested in girls but have you ever kissed one??

yes, quite a few, actually. Some in truth or dare games, some because I was really drunk I just didn’t give a fuck at the moment. it kinda happens sometimes, and I tend to just roll with it I guess


I met a girl today and her presence was so overwhelming, her gaze was intense, and the way she talked made me feel so comfortable to be around her, yet hesitating to speak anything. She was so beautiful it actually made me feel a bit uneasy, but that’s not all. That’s not even half of it. There’s something about that girl that made me so unbelievably intrigued.

She was trully something.

If it's not too late, then don't forget to eat something.

I actually remembered to eat today!!! It was already way past my dinner time but I felt like eating something that wasn’t granola bars and oatmeal cookies (which are delicious btw) for a change. My stomach is going crazy but you know what, today was a hard day, and for a moment I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I did. I deserved eating a bit more than what I was supposed to.