I hope this message makes you smile because I want you to have a nice day today!

it did, thank you very much!!!

When I think of you I think of anime Jesus I have no plans in changing this


as soon as my hair gets longer, I might cosplay him

every time i think of u i see u as jesus from saint young men. ur officially jesus in my book

sorry to ask but are you a boy or a girl?

no one knows for sure

this body is a mere vessel

I mean this respectfully (not trying to offend you), but when are you gonna update tomoe and Darren? It's been a while.

I can’t really tell you for sure when I’ll post it. I’ve been extremelly busy these days, it’s been kinda hard to get some free time, PLUS I’ll give the series a reboot. I want to give the story a good plot, instead of just focusing on romance, and that’s gonna take a while.

I have big plans for my story, I just ask you guys to be a little bit patient. It’s gonna be so worth the waiting, I can promise you that.

Does tomoe surf?

indeed, he does!

Can you post a selfie?? :)


o dang he seems rly cool. his hair kinda looks like that one guys hair in dr or sdr. one of them. but yeah he seems really cool. danas eyes are v pretty. theyre the prettiest eyes ive een in a while. gr8 job friend.

I think you’re talking about komaeda and yeah I guess their hairs are somewhat similar… and thank you!!

I have a question, is it okay to cosplay as some characters from Tomoe and Darren?

yes it’s 100% okay!!! If you end up doing it, would love to see some pictures, if that’s ok!! (you can post it under the ‘tomoe & darren’ tag)

dang jesus san looks like a hella nerdy dude. also who is this isaac character and why is he all bloody round his mouth.

isaac is the main villain from Tomoe & Darren (my original comic), he’ll be introduced as soon as the story gets a reboot! (IT WILL HAPPEN)

and his mouth is all bloody bc he’s a shapeshifter and he feeds on meat and yeah, you could say his table manners aren’t that great…