I’ll be back later!

oh wow i just listened to the god only knows cover you did and it's really good and i'm so relaxed now your and voice is so nice to listen to please sing a lot you're really really good

that’s really nice of you, thank you!!!

I literally spend my whole day singing, even if its completely out of tune. I love it. I can sing some more songs if you like! Let me know if you want something specific (something that I know! o: )

do you sing?

[I try my best]

the song is called ‘God Only Knows’, originally by The Beach Boys, but I sang the Bioshock Infinite version (with a small touch of my own) because it’s my favorite!

you guys do know that discussing how the syllables sound in weird-ass words with someone who isn’t a native english speaker is 10 times harder, right?

just stick to the audio and we’re cool 

Mono. Monopoly. Monotheism. Monophonic. Monochrome. Monorail. I've honestly never heard something pronounced 'moh no'.
I've always pronounced mono like moh-noh as soon as i saw it but where did people get mah-no?

good question… I can’t remember a word that is written with ‘mo’ and read as ‘mah’… it’s ‘mo’ as in monique!

It's moh-noh!??! this changes everything

really?????? I thought everyone knew it was moh-noh… o:

You have an adorable nose! I'm a baby, I haven't even got my ears pierced. I have an phobia of needles, any tips?

heh, thanks! well I also have a phobia of needles, everytime I need to take blood exams I get all nervous and try to delay it as much as I can.

The only tip I can give you is to think like me: yes they are scary and they will hurt you but it will end really quickly, they’re not gonna stay in touch with you forever, it’s only gonna last a couple of minutes, so it’s better to just sit the fuck down and get over with it as fast as possible. When you start feeling the pain, keep in mind that it’s even CLOSER to being done!!! That’s how I got the courage to get my septum, and that’s how I deal with blood exams!

hope it helps, best of luck!

Is "mono" pronounced "mah-noh" or "moh-noh"? Sorry for the confusion and thanks for being a hecka cutie and an amazing artist!!!!


and thanks!

Ok sooooooo I have seen a bunch of suuuuper cute stuff (art, etc.) for Tomoe and Darren but???? Where exactly /is/ the comic bc I've been to the official tumblr for it but??? I am unsure where to find it????? I FEEL LIKE A CHEATER ENJOYING ALL THE EXTRAS BUT BEING LEFT OUT OF THE ACTUAL THING DDD: ~Yomo

it’s actuall super easy to find!