As said, I like all your art, so raw!Bro is perfect.

thank you!!

i love your art, though im a bigger fan of Dave than Bro but still great. but well... to be blunt it did not look like bro really had any balls to be honest

yeah its probably because I made his dick too big. I’m also not very good at drawing balls. Next time, who knows

also thanks!

I would like to compliment you on Bro's dick. It is a pleasing dick.

Thank you my love, I’m glad you like it

Happy Easter!

[nsfw version]

a very naked easter bro strider under the cut!

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weed is wack yo

nah bro

who’s ready for some dicks?????

It's been awhile since I browsed your art, and I have to say that slime john and dadbro have to be my favorite of your many pairings/au's.

aaaa thanks!

blaze it and praise it, bro

if you are gonna post nsfw anyways maybe include some dirty talk idk only if you're feelin it yknow but it couldn't hurt idk -noncommittal shrug-