remember that time you got an anon who didn't know what water sports was and you ruined life for them aGAIN

good times…

waaaaait... what's watersports? O.o

its basically people peeing on eachother while having sex 


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the same canada ask, now with 100% more canadian friends reading it.

You mentioned when you were answering an ask,that you had a story written,and I was wondering if you could tell us about it?

wow you went really far to find that ask, dude!! 

well I wish I could but it’s a very long and complex story with a whole bunch of characters and a shit ton of back story. It would take me forever to tell it and I don’t really like sharing it in the open, I’m sorry. I think only 5 people actually know the whole thing and I already consider that a lot of people…

I want to make something out of it at some point, maybe a book or a comic, I’m still not sure, but it will happen. Sorry I can’t really say much, maybe I’ll draw some characters at some point but that’s pretty much it, sorry!

um hello! i find your human!Lil seb to be very cute!! and i was thinking- what if he was drawn to be the size of the robot lil seb? eeeee that would be so cute omg!!! (ovo)


I kinda of draw him about the size of a 3 year old but I like the idea of a very very tiny lil seb that can be easily picked up and carried arround and you can put him on your shoulder and aaaa

I’m cleaning some of my art folders and I’m laughing so hard because I keep finding my reaction self drawings and I kinda of keep remembering the things I did and published on tumblr…

under the cut because there’s quite a few. Let’s see if any of you remember them all!!

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what's tumblr prom?

basically you need to invite (or be invited by) someone to go with you to prom, only this time its online. You need to dress up for the prom and post a picture or whatever you want. That’s pretty much it

Hey mono, are you going to tumblr prom?

I really don’t know, probably not. most likely not

so i guess you know the cuil theory?

you bet I do. I tried to stay as far from the original ‘hamburger’ thing as possible, but still, I really like that line of thought.


under the cut because it’s a bit long

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